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Wagwan fam. Welcome to my blog. The clock is seconds away from clicking into 11:00 pm this Wednesday night. As I type this I reminisce about 54 years ago as Kenya's prayers and dreams were coming to pass. For the longest time, our country had been under the oppression of the Brits. Our men were beaten and enslaved; our women…read more
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"life is either an adventure or nothing!" Wagwan fam! Welcome to my blog. Over the past two months, these words by Hellen Keller have been my every day affirmation. The world today has become corrupted and every passing day is more decadent than the previous one. We have created a system where everything revolves around everyone. We are being charitable…read more
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Dapper In Red.

Wagwan fam! Welcome to my blog. I know its a tad bit too late for a Valentines' post (more than a month haha) but who says it can't be Valentines' day every day? I can feel the world laughing at my ugly single self :( Anyways, I got this blazer from DoxaCode777 and I can't stop loving it. The gold…read more
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My New Found Love.

Wagwan fam! Welcome to my blog. Recently, I started doing projects with my new favourite photographer Billy Malel. Check out my Instagram and see for yourself. I've found myself trying  to be a different person and breaking out of the norm of normal fashion bloggers. I think everyone has their capacity to grow and be whatever they put in their…read more
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Wagwan fam! Welcome to my blog. This is easily one of my favourite posts because the pictures are legit gold. Anyways, in this post, I pulled off a semi casual look with this blazer from DoxaCode777.   To make the blazer stand out in the glory of ts awesomeness, I wore it on top of a monochromatic black look. Also,…read more

Rules Are Meant To Be Broken!

Wagwan fam! Welcome to my blog. I remember posting this pic on my Instagram some time early this year and I got people complaining in my comments how you're not supposed to wear a suspender with a belt. Chill out guys, I did it on purpose. The thing is, I don't even think it substracts the flare with which I…read more

Royal Blue.

Wagwan fam! Welcome to my blog. Last year a friend of mine gave me this blazer as a gift and it easily became my favourite wardrobe piece. The colour is magnificent. Ditch your regular navy, black and charcoal grey blazers and get you a royal blue one. Just look at the detail in this one. One more thing, when it…read more