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I am always on the lookout for local brands that I can rely on to provide quality clothing and reliable service: shopping online is just time-consuming and tiresome. Last month I came across and had the privilege of getting to work with El Afrique, courtesy of Whitney Nasanga, who I met at the Metta Meet and Mingle earlier in July.

El Afrique’s pieces are bespoke so I had to make my way to their offices (Jadala Place, Ngong Rd) to take my measurements and choose my fabrics and designs. Once at the office, I met a really nice lady who did the aforementioned activities. The difficulty came in choosing the fabric; I just wanted them all. In about 7-10 days time, my piece was ready.

I am getting more African prints in my wardrobe and El Afrique has easily become my go-to for such. A similar blazer would cost you anything between Ksh 4,500 ($45) to Ksh 5,000 ($50). Make sure to check their Instagram for more options.

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  1. pinklace24 says:

    Awesome 😍😍😍

  2. Fred Anyona says:

    I love El Afrique and how their pieces are diverse.
    Awesome post and that blazer looked so good when paired with the black shirt.

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