Life is not always a bed of roses but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t always work out. This year has been a great year for me (trying to keep positive vibes tbh). Doors of opportunity have opened up for me when I least expected it and in unimaginable ways too. I am not saying it was a perfect year, but rather than sit here and complain about the things that did not go my way, I am acknowledging the things that went well this year and give credit where its due. So here are some of the highlights of 2017;

March: I officially posted my first blog posts on this month and I must say I am grateful for all the feedback and support that I have received from you. Thank you for taking your time to click and read through my blogs, I really appreciate it.

During the same month, I used my blog to land an internship with Couture Africa Magazine which was a great experience to kind of learn the ropes of the industry. I also met a few great people while working there. (Kirat Khalsa, Marita Paulina)

April: I got my first brand deal which I was very excited about because I did not expect to be discovered that fast. Coming to think of it, I was actually ripped off (haha) but it was a great experience tbh.

July: The second half of the year exploded with opportunities, starting off with the fact  that I got to be part of a panel during the Metta Meet and Mingle: Fashion Edition where I spoke about fashion and millennials alongside Beata Otieno, Diana Opoti, Biko Orlale, Connie Aluoch, and Anyango Mpinga. That was hella dope.

August: My new friend and fellow blogger and Youtuber, Didi Mbeka, has a column on Thursday’s Standard newspaper and thanks to her I got featured on August 31st, which was super cool. (Collabs with her are on the way, stay tuned.)

September: Birth month wassgood? ( I lowkey tried to sound cool there. Did it work? Yes? No? OK. Sorry.)  Turning 20 felt great and awkward at the same because I felt like I became younger if that even makes sense. On the same day, I got an interview feature on the papers again where shared a little bit of what I do. Some things I didn’t even know myself. (15k??…jeez!!). It was cool though. Being in the papers twice in 2 weeks gave me some serious celebrity vibes even though half the people in my class (the classes I attend every single day) didn’t even know my name. Who reads the paper anyways?

The Fashion Bloggers Runway Show took place this month as well and I showcased a little something in association with Kirat and Beata of Ojwa Styling. Thanks guys. I also made friends with Jason of Jaytakeapic which was cool.

October: I got to work with Be Afrika Magazine (thanks to Marita) which was cool because I met and learnt from super cool people like Adelle Onyango and Avril.

November: I joined the YouTube space which received great feedback and support from you guys. Thank you to all 222 of you who subscribed. I will strive to create hella dope content for you guys in 2018. Stay tuned and subscribe if you haven’t.

In general, it has been a great year. I am thankful for YOU who is reading right now, for sharing my content and showing support. We are a family and when one member of the fam wins, WE all win. Let’s do more in 2018 and be better versions of ourselves, together! See you next year.

Special thanks to Staice Shitanda and Marlon Waweru. None of this would be possible without you guys.

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  1. Safh says:

    That was heart warming!

  2. All this is just a summary of a successful year.Congratulations Tony!

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