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Hi guys. Similar to my previous post, this will be a casual look. I have never been big into urban wear or street wear as many would refer to it. So much was my disinterest in it that I had never worn nor purchased a sweatshirt in my entire life until I received this piece from Joker Clothing. The threading is superb and the material is fade resistant. The separating factor between Joker Clothing and regular sweatshirt brands is that they have the caption “Doing me” printed on every sweatshirt to show how much they appreciate the individuality and the uniqueness in everyone.

Joker Clothing is based in Dublin, Ireland. They have a range of sweatshirts and headbands that you can purchase online from the website that is on their Instagram bio. You can get a similar sweatshirt at a 20% discount when you use the code KingSlimfit. No need to worry about waiting forever to receive it; the shipping takes a duration of about 10 days.

PS: Due to the amazing experience from this sweatshirt, I now own 3 of them.

More info can be found on my Instagram, @kingslimfit_ .

Till next time, cheers!

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