“life is either an adventure or nothing!”

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Over the past two months, these words by Hellen Keller have been my every day affirmation. The world today has become corrupted and every passing day is more decadent than the previous one. We have created a system where everything revolves around everyone. We are being charitable to the poor in hopes that someone will see us and perhaps post about it and it’ll go viral. We hold celebrities at such high value that we’ve created demigods out of mere humans like you and I. Why would someone feel so compelled to dress in a certain way, shop in particular places, eat at certain places, speak in a specific way just because someone else does.

“I’m sick and tired of the photoshop. Show me something natural like…”

I have to agree with Kendrick on this one. I believe God created a special something in everyone and it is ones sole responsibility to go through life trying as best as you can to create the best version of YOURSELF with the opportunities in your hands. Note that I didn’t say the best replica of whoever you look up to.

As a creative in his baby steps, this is a lesson I’m choosing to keep in mind as I grow in my space. You should too. Keeping in mind that inspiration plays a major role in self-discovery, we all deserve to push our OWN limits and chase our OWN dreams.

No pressure though, you have the rest of your life to figure yourself out. That’s a whole load of time. So enjoy each day as it comes.

Without further ado, Let’s get waist-ed!

For this look I wore my soft-wash denim WAISTCOAT by Ihsani Culture, a white cotton shirt , a knit tie, grey chinos, blue suede double monkstraps and royal blue blazer that you may have seen in a previous post.

I personally prefer the double-breasted waistcoat to the single-breasted one because of the elegance and style that it shows.

“Single-breasted waistcoats have a single row of buttons down the front, and the waistcoat flaps only overlap enough to permit buttoning. A double-breasted waistcoat has two rows of buttons, and the front overlaps sufficiently to allow both flaps to be attached to the opposite row of buttons”

What would you go for? Single-breast or double-breast? Leave a comment below.

Also, Tiko Africa hooked me up with a cool messenger bag but that’s for later.

With that, I command you to go forth and slay!


ART by Allingtone Ochanda

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