Make A Statement!

Wagwan fam! Welcome to my blog. We live in a time where everyone is busy going about minding their own business and the world has lost its value of spending time with each other. It has become very easy to get lost in other people’s shadows.

Worry not though. The  statement jacket is here for you.

It is basically a casual piece with a bold floral or artsy design that stands out from ordinary jackets or bombers.

Every time I wear my statement jacket, I tend to wear it over a monochromatic look so that it stands out perfectly.

Would you wear a statement jacket?Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for passing by fam. With that said, I command thee to go forth and slay!



Photography: Hilda Kaguma

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  1. ciru_gathuni says:

    Finally commented on all your posts 🙌🙌your blog is awesome 😍 following.. 😎

  2. Chelsea says:

    Love the blog Tony

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